Hybrid Battery Repairs

Hybrid Battery RepairsStraight Auto Care Caloundra repairs high voltage batteries. Callen is a hybrid vehicle technician & specialist at hybrid battery repairs.

One of the biggest needs when it comes to repairing hybrids is with the battery. What you find under the hood of a hybrid is not the same as your regular vehicle, and hybrid battery repairs are not as straightforward as you might imagine. This is one of the reasons why people are still a little reluctant to get behind the wheel of this type of car. They know all about the benefits that come from driving a hybrid, but they are concerned that the problems may outweigh the positives. There is now a company operating out of Caloundra in Queensland that wants to help solve the problem of battery repairs and replacements.

This testimonial from a satisfied customer:

“Callen has saved me thousands of dollars in high voltage battery replacements. I lease 22 taxi’s on the Sunshine Coast with almost 95% of the fleet being Hybrid Sedans – Prius or Camry. I have spent one tenth of the cost of replacement by using Callen from Straight Auto Care to repair the high voltage batteries. It only takes a day and I would save at least $2k per incident compared to buying a new battery from the dealer. Callen is a professional and a highly skilled Hybrid Technician. He knows hybrids and can easily diagnose and repair problems which saves me a lot of money in reducing down times when vehicles are no running.” Darryl Wockner