Automatic Transmission Service Caloundra

sports-car How often do you get automatic transmission service Caloundra? Chances are you never even think of your transmission until something goes wrong; you can’t get your car out of park, or it slips between gears for no reason. However, as with everything else about your car’s systems and components, it’s good to consider regular service on your transmission every 12 months. Consider 3 reasons why this is.

  1. The fluid needs to be changed regularly.

The components of your transmission use fluid to keep the gears working smoothly and to ensure they can easily move from one to another. However, this fluid can become degraded over time. Sediment can build up and the fluid can become thicker; in turn, it doesn’t flow as freely through the transmission parts.

When you get regular automatic transmission service Sunshine Coast you can have your fluid drained and refilled and this will help to keep your transmission running smoothly. You’ll have better holding power between the clutch which in turn reduces friction and heat. This protects your entire engine.


  1. A repair tech should check for leaks.


Because the fluid is so vital for the function of the transmission itself it’s good to check for fluid leaks regularly. A repair tech can note if there are seals that need replacing or if there are cracks in the pan bolts. These may need a simple tightening to keep fluid from leaking from the transmission. The pan gasket can also crack and cause a leak and this should be checked regularly.


Another cause of leaks that a repair tech can check is the bell housing being cracked. This is the protective covering that goes over the actual mechanics of the transmission itself. Sometimes driving over rocky roads can result in something flying back and cracking the bell housing, so if you notice any type of rattle after driving on gravel, schedule an automatic transmission service Caloundra.


  1. Solenoids need to be checked regularly for damage.


Solenoids work to control the flow of the transmission fluid. When you allow your fluid levels to drop this can in turn damage the solenoids, or there can be other electronic problems that develop. Slipping between gears is a common sign of solenoid problems, but if these are checked regularly a repair tech can see cracks starting to form and have them replaced before your transmission begins slipping regularly. In turn this can keep you safer when on the road.