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Vehicle owners at Kings Beach or Dicky Beach in Caloundra, are good at maintaining the brakes on their car and they know brakes are essentially a lifesaver. Most vehicle owners on the Sunshine Coast are very good at maintaining the oil in their car and having other mechanical service checks but there are plenty of people who are riding around with squeaky brakes and doing nothing about it. Squeaks and grinding noises are your brakes way of telling you that they need attention, and the longer you ignore them, the more danger you are putting yourself in. At the first sign of any issue when driving you should be pulling in to get the opinion of a brakes mechanic.

LPG Converted EngineSpeaking of mechanics, there are some who would like to see regular brake inspections made mandatory. One man in particular, a retired brakes mechanic in Canada, has been pushing to have a law implemented for quite some time, but he is not having very much success at the moment. He points to brakes, tyres, and other front end issues as being the cause for many accidents, and he is alarmed at the number of vehicles that are currently hitting the highway in an unfit state. He believes that mandatory inspections would make the road that much safer for everyone out there.

This is not a campaign that is new, as there have been moved made in Canada in the past to make inspections mandatory. The way the retired mechanic sees things, asking someone to pay $40 or $50 for an inspection is a lot less than asking them to pay with their life when a vital piece of equipment on their car finally fails. There was a huge push in 1994 to have inspections made mandatory, and yet another one in 2007, but both were repelled by the government. Their response to the calls were to say that only about 1% of accidents were actually caused by faulty brakes or tires, but there are those out there who believe that number is skewed.

Toyota Prius Cut AwayEven if that number was the 1% that the government suggests, it’s still too many. If people are not prepared to take the time to look after their vehicles, thus putting themselves and others at risk, then shouldn’t they be made to do it? Wouldn’t you like to travel through Kings Beach or Dicky Beach and be sure that the vehicles coming in all directions around you have been inspected to ensure their safety? It certainly seems like a common sense regulation to ask for.

Rather than waiting for legislation to come around, we suggest that you have your brakes looked at on a regular basis. Whenever you take your car in to be serviced or have an oil change, ask that the mechanic also perform a quick inspection of your brakes. If you start to notice any sort of noise when applying your brakes, don’t wait around for that next service appointment. Your brakes are an absolutely crucial part of the safety of your car, and you need to make sure that they are in the very best shape possible at all times.