Caloundra south mechanic

VW on Caloundra beachThe Sunshine Coast is becoming an increasingly popular place for people to make home, and when that happens, development has to take place in order to make the growth go as smoothly as possible. The number of residents living in the area right now sits at about 300,000, and that number is expected to balloon to about 450,000 over the course of the next 20 years. Work has already begun to help the region accommodate an influx of this size, with the Caloundra South development being the largest of the lot.

The new South Caloundra development will be able to house about 50,000 new residents, but it was the current residents of the region who had concerns about the construction. One of the biggest issues concerned who would foot the bill for the development, as ratepayers had made it perfectly clear that they did not want to be on the hook for the huge bill. The amount of money due to be spent on this development, as well as others in Maoochydore and Kawana, is expected to run into the billions of dollars, which ratepayers expect to be covered by the State Government and Stockland developers.

classic-cars-firebirdThis is a concern that has been around for quite some time now, and there were rumors that Stockland might well leave the council with a shortfall in the range of $500 million. Ratepayers groups made it abundantly clear that this was not acceptable, so they are sure to be pleased with the news that the full cost will indeed be covered without any burden being placed on ratepayers in the region. For their part, Stockland have made it clear that they are willing to pay their fair share of the upcoming projects, which will improve the infrastructure in the region, whilst also bringing in many new jobs.

The project is certainly on a massive scale, as the Caloundra South Priority Development Area is expected to cover 2310 hectares. The community will consist of 20,000 new dwellings, as well as business areas, with 50,000 new residents expected to move in once it is completed. While there are some who are sure to be unhappy with so many new people moving into the area, it has to be considered good news for existing businesses in the South Caloundra region, as more people means the potential for more business.

With that many people expected to arrive over the next 20 years, you are looking at a lot of new hybrid cars coming into the region. That will have the average Caloundra South mechanic rubbing their hands in delight, as the likelihood of more work will increase exponentially. Having an established business in the area will be essential, as existing residents who use those businesses will deliver positive word of mouth to new residents looking for the best places to get work done. Quality service delivered today is something that could reap huge dividends for a Caloundra South mechanic in the years to come.