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Truck mechanics CaloundraWhen a city becomes known as a desirable place to live in, it tends to lead to an influx of new residents looking to make a happy life there. When this happens, the city planners need to adjust so that it can remain a place that is high on the list of good places to live. This is what is happening in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast, as more and more people are recognising just how wonderful it is to live there. People who went there for a beach vacation quickly found that it’s a whole lot more than just a weekend destination, and that has led city planners to start thinking about the future. More people require more business, more trucks that need servicing from the Caloundra truck diesel mechanics at Straight Auto Care.


The master plan put together by Caloundra city council is not just something that has been put together to address new residents moving in, but also in response to concerns raised by existing residents. Included in the master plan are a pair of sites that would be transformed to create a whole new look for those areas of the city, which would also mean that changes would need to be made to roads and other infrastructure. That would include looking at the current height restrictions with buildings in Caloundra, which would need to change in order for the new plans to be put into effect.

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The changes would essentially give Caloundra a brand new city center, creating over 10,000 jobs, as well as space for over 14,500 new residents. This is not something that is going to happen overnight, though, as the numbers mentioned there will not be in effect until 2041, which is still quite a way off. There has been a lot of input from the community in regards the changes to be made, and everyone appears to be very much on board. Other cities along the Sunshine Coast are growing and expanding, and the people of Caloundra do not want to be left behind.

While the draft planning focuses mostly on two specific areas, which are set to include a 4-star hotel and vertical retirement villages, there also needs to be work done on creating and expanding the roads that would serve the new CBD. With so many new people expected to move into the city, there is an expectation that traffic would become a real issue if those changes were not made to the existing roads. In order for this type of growth to be successful, the planning needs to be done early so that all the bases are covered.


When the work eventually begins, you can expect to see more work trucks in the city, which is going to increase the need for Caloundra truck mechanics for truck repairs and servicing. It also stands to reason that when new residents do start to move into the city, there will be many more vehicles, and the need for trusted diesel mechanics will once again rise. This is just one sign of how the upcoming changes will benefit the businesses already serving the people of Caloundra.