Diesel Repairs Mechanic Caloundra

Diesel 4wdGenerally speaking, diesel engines tend to be more efficient and easier to maintain than their petrol engine counterparts, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t ever need to be repaired. If you are the owner of a diesel-powered vehicle on the Sunshine Coast, chances are you know a local diesel repair shop in Caloundra or some other nearby city where they can take care of the engine in your vehicle. You can rest assured that the cost of those repairs is not going to come anywhere near what Daimler just shelled out to take care of an issue with their diesel engines.

There are some very strict rules in Europe regarding engine emissions, and it can be very costly for automakers who don’t fall in line with said regulations. There have been some emissions issues with diesel engines made by Daimler in Germany, and while the automaker has tried to downplay the seriousness, there are many out there who believe that what they are doing is bordering on illegal. With investigations into the issue now set to begin, Daimler have decided to nip the issue in the bud by spending a lot of money to bring the diesel engines within the regulations.

German vehicles are among the best in the world, and the view from those on the outside looking in at this issue is that the German government has been a little too soft on their luxury automakers. That scrutiny has put pressure on everyone involved, and Daimler officials have been hastily conducting meetings in order to come up with a plan of action that will put out the flames that this controversy is creating. The plan they are putting into action is one that is going to be expensive.

Daimler have announced that they will be making changes to the software used in 3 million Mercedes Benz vehicles, all of which are equipped with diesel engines. As you might imagine with a recall of this size, the costs associated with it are astronomical. It is estimated that Daimler will be investing 220 million Euros to makes this happen, which will be a small price to play if it means they can avoid the billions of dollars that Volkswagen were forced to shell out after it was proven that they were manipulating the emissions readings in their engines.

This sort of news gives diesel engines a bit of a bad name, bit for people who own vehicles powered by diesel, it will do nothing to sway their opinion that they are the superior engines on the market. Like we mentioned earlier, diesel engines are made to be efficient, and the newer units are now quieter than ever before. Purchasing a vehicle with a diesel engine is a wise investment, and it’s also a good idea to ensure that there is a professional diesel engine repair shop in the local area that can help with service and maintenance when you need it.