Hybrid Battery Repairs Caloundra Technician Mechanic

Hybrid models

hybrid-carAll of the major automakers are looking at ways to deliver a more Eco-friendly driving experience, which is why more and more hybrid models are starting to show up in showrooms all over the world. While the switch to electric and hybrid type cars is great for the environment, it presents a whole new set of problems for the owner. The hybrid technology is still relatively new, which means that finding a skilled hybrid technician is not as easy as tracking down a regular mechanic.

One of the biggest needs when it comes to repairing hybrids is with the battery. What you find under the hood of a hybrid is not the same as your regular vehicle, and hybrid battery repairs are not as straightforward as you might imagine. This is one of the reasons why people are still a little reluctant to get behind the wheel of this type of car. They know all about the benefits that come from driving a hybrid, but they are concerned that the problems may outweigh the positives. There is now a company operating out of Caloundra in Queensland that wants to help solve the problem of battery repairs and replacements.

Toyota Prius

hybrid-autoThe whole idea of the Hybrid service came when the owner of the site experienced difficulties when he owned a Toyota Prius. He quickly discovered that high voltage battery replacements were not that easy to come by, and that dealerships were trying to charge sky high prices for customers needing specialised hybrid battery help. He also knew that the Sunshine Coast was home to many energy efficient hybrid vehicles, and that he couldn’t be alone in the problems he was facing when it came to hybrid battery repairs and replacement. The feedback to date for the service that the company provides has been largely in the positive, proving that his thoughts were indeed correct.

Straight Auto Care has essentially set the bar for companies of a similar type that are sure to follow. As the demand for hybrid cars grows, so will the need for servicing and battery replacement. If the dealerships that sell these vehicles are not ready to play ball, then it will give rise to more third party hybrid battery specialists who are prepared to do the work at a fraction of the cost of what the dealerships are trying to charge.

Hybrid Battery RepairsWhile the creation of this service is great news for the residents of Caloundra, it doesn’t do much to help hybrid owners in Brisbane (unless they are able to travel to the Sunshine Coast). The good news is that hybrid owners in this part of the world actually do have someone to turn to when they need help with their hybrid vehicle. The skilled professionals at Straight Auto Care have a ton of experience in all sorts of automotive services, so you can be sure that they will be able to look after your hybrid. You can also bet that they will have pricing that is a whole lot more competitive that your local dealership.