New Car Service Caloundra Mechanic

New car service CaloundraFor those of us who love shopping, the Internet has been a bit of a dream come true. It is now possible to go online at any time of day or night and get just about anything you need with a few mouse clicks and a valid credit card. It is fair to say that Amazon have cornered the online shopping market, especially when you consider that they can very often have your package out to you the very next day. It’s an amazing service that they offer, but also one that has created a bit of a problem.

There are some rather unpleasant people out there who are making a habit of stealing packages right off other people front door step. These folks don’t really care what’s inside, they just know that it will be something that they can either use for themselves or sell for a quick dollar. It’s no real surprise then that one of the top selling items online nowadays are outdoor surveillance cameras that allow people to see exactly what is going on outside their front door at any given time. This can be a pricey set-up, but Amazon may just have come up with a better option.

Depending on the model of your vehicle, Amazon can now potentially leave your package in the boot of your car. The delivery person uses an app that opens the boot, allowing them to safely store your package before closing things up and leaving your vehicle locked and secure once more. The service is very much in its early stages in the US right now, with only certain models able to make use of the new car service. For the most part, it is vehicles that have the On Star system installed that are able to handle the Amazon deliveries. On the Sunshine Coast, our Caloundra mechanics can assess if the On Star system may be installed in your car.

It could be a while yet before the people of Dicky Beach, Moffat Beach & Shelly Beach Caloundra get to take advantage of this new car service. The early indications show that the system works like a charm, and Amazon has already stated that they will be expanding the service to include more locations, as well as more vehicle brands and models. It’s an exciting time to be an online shopper, and more people may feel more comfortable getting their things online if they know that they will receive them without the chance of thieves getting their hands on the packages.

While it would certainly be nice to use your vehicle as a glorified mail box, it’s still more important that it is able to get you from Point A to Point B. Unlike Amazon, a good auto mechanic is able to work on all makes and models, and all without using a smartphone to do so. If you want your current vehicle to still be up and running when this new car service from Amazon finally arrives in Caloundra, it’s imperative that you submit it to a regular maintenance service with a professional mechanic.

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