Safety Certificate Queensland

Before you offer a used car for sale, it is a prerequisite that you obtain a Queensland Safety Certificate which you must display on a noticeable part of the vehicle. It is after you have obtained the certificate that you are eligible to sell the car. As a seller, you need to make an arrangement with an authorized inspection station for your car inspection in order to obtain a safety certificate.
A safety certificate proves that an approved inspection station gave out the certificate. In addition, the certificate should be put on the vehicle the moment it is offered for sale. Failure to present the Queensland safety certificate reveals that the car has probably not been examined, and that forbids you from offering it for sale.

LPG Converted EngineA used car is issued a safety certificate once it passed the minimum safety requirement after inspection. The inspection only examines essential things necessary for safe operation of the car, which include the tires, steering, the braking system, windscreen, body damage, suspension and lights. The inspection is not intended to identify every defect the car has; this is where mechanical repairs Caloundra comes in. A car could have a valid certificate but still have major mechanical faults. However, the safety certificate cannot replace a thorough vehicle inspection.

The seller is required by law to obtain a safety certificate, and necessary repairs must be completed before the certificate is issued. For such mechanical repairs Caloundra, contact Straight Auto Care. The required repairs shall be at your expense before the certificate is issued. For an unregistered car, the seller is not required by law to obtain a safety certificate, but it is advised to get one.
Since the time, you offer used car for sale, failure to display a current Queensland safety certificate on the car attracts an instant fine of $550. The certificate aims to give buyers better safety and ascertain that the cars being offered for sale are safe; therefore reducing the possibility of accidents, as a result, of malfunctioning cars.

caloundra-mechanicFrom the foregoing, however, note that a safety certificate is not an all-inclusive mechanical inspection of the car. Prior to purchasing a car, it is recommended that you contact an auto care company such as the Straight Auto Care for a comprehensive mechanical inspection and mechanical repairs Caloundra.
Search for “Mechanical Repairs Caloundra” on the internet if you are searching for a reputable local mechanic in Australia for thorough mechanical examination of your car. For all your mechanical repairs Caloundra, Straight Auto Care offers quality services at affordable and competitive prices.