Tips on Saving Money

Sunshine Coast Daily recently prepared an article providing Tips on Saving Money and was looking for a reputable Caloundra Mechanic to provide some money saving ideas.

They interviewed Callen Corbett 15th January 2009 and he provided some really helpful advice for people wanting to save money on their vehicle repairs. It’s important to keep your car serviced and maintained to avoid costly repair bills. Callen offered the following advice

  1. Preventative maintenance is the most effective way to decrease your repair bill. This includes managing repairs and monitoring service reports to ensure you can budget for up and coming work to be done;
  2. Consider going to a smaller, reputable, local mechanic as they can offer more competitive pricing. This is because the larger franchises often have to compensate for high overheads and associated franchisee fees;
  3. Regular servicing (replacing oil and air filters) will reduce fuel consumption and keep the engine running at its optimum. As a general rule, older vehicles need servicing every 5000 kms and newer vehicles require servicing every 10 000kms;
  4. Ensure your tyres are inflated correctly as this will also decrease your fuel bill;
  5. Consider LPG Conversion while government rebate ($2000) is still being offered. With this rebate, quite often the out of pocket expense is well under $1500 (depending on vehicle type).



Holden Mechanic