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Truck MechanicAcross the area both in and surrounding Caloundra, handling fuel supplies for trucks is an important operation for the truck driver as well as the truck mechanic. Given the vast amount of distances that must be travelled across sparsely populated areas, the proper handling of fuel is a priority along with the mechanical needs of the vehicle.

Such needs fall in large part to small companies such as Maktrans which is stationed in the western area of Toowoomba. Here, a small fleet of trucks moves fuel from the depots located in Brisbane and Newcastle to destinations across the area. Fuel carting is an important business as it keeps the trucks moving smoothly.

Mechanical aspects of keeping trucks on the road

For Maktrans, the business has been good and growing. What started out over a decade ago with two trucks has increased considerably thanks to the burgeoning population. The more people, the more things they need, the more trucks are needed to bring them. The owner, Rob Hannemann, started off driving for an independent fuel distributor in Toowoomba and moved on from there. That experience helped him take over an established fuel distribution business.

What started with two trucks and Rob behind the wheel of one of them has expanded gradually over the years. Additional trucks have been added and now Rob works at his office ensuring that all deliveries are made and taking care of the mechanical aspects of keeping the vehicles on the road. The breakthrough for his company occurred when there was a shortage of contractors to carry fuel. Maktrans had managed to build a strong enough reputation to earn contracts that otherwise might have passed them by.

A Caloundra truck mechanic: the importance of maintaining the mechanical aspects of their vehicles

Maktrans delivers fuel to depots, service stations, and end users who keep a supply of fuel at their location. It’s a straightforward business, but it does require adherence to the rules and regulations which includes the right safety measures and ensuring the product is delivered to the right place. This means putting the proper fuel into the right receptacles. For a time, Maktrans was considered a backup resource for larger companies who could sub-contract them out for certain jobs. Today, the company maintains its relatively small status, but still has plenty of work available.

Although Maktrans has developed a strong reputation for delivering on-time over the years, they are still small compared to larger companies such as Linfox and Troll who get the major contracts. While there are advantages to being larger, there are also complications that make such companies inefficient. This is where Maktrans has managed to excel.

Over the years, the Caloundra area has seen steady growth in the fuel distribution area. For companies like Maktrans which must hire drivers, a truck mechanic, and support personnel, the importance of maintaining the mechanical aspects of their vehicles is vital to their business efforts. Add to this the amount of paperwork that is required, keeping everyone focused on the task of compliance has helped maintain high standards for their fuel distribution company.